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Other missions in this district[]

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Things of note about this mission[]

Gear Piece Mission Location Why it is important?
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Platinum Core MK5 Fragments 1-5 Mission 1-5 guarantees a single Platinum Core V (5) fragment per win, this can be done up to 3 times a day costing 4 Quick Win tickets and 20 energy per win.
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Ruby Grenades 1-5 This is the first mission where Ruby Grenades can be earned, you will need 14 for every hero you want to make Ruby.

Winning 3☆ Team with Kurtz and Serial[]

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This can be a difficult mission if you are not prepared for it, this is the first extreme mission which uses a boss hero. Cross has high damage and around 3m health with passive healing, you need to make sure your team is prepared to face him in wave 2.

Wave 1 - Build Serial's shield and then execute with Kurtz, in the video my Kurtz executes Serial which is not ideal for boss waves but I was able to revive him in time with a bit of luck.

Wave 2 - You want to use Serial and build his shield up again to taunt Cross and keep his attention, you also want to be as far right or left as you can go to avoid his "Poison Rain" skill. If Kurtz does not execute Serial then it should be fairly easy to kill Cross as Serial will have a damage boost, if he did then you want to keep constant fire on him until he goes down. This will be a test if your heroes are upgraded enough or not, if you find you are surviving but the timer runs out before you can do enough damage then you need to upgrade your heroes more until they can do enough damage.

Be weary of his Cross' AoE (Area of Effect) skill "Poison Rain" which can effect 3 movement tiles. This means you have to move twice to avoid the skill as it damages where you are standing as well as to the immediate left and right.

Video Guide with Kurtz and Serial[]

External Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3SGkqHpiXZw&list=PLbQ2iuRW6J6SBduhge-cyVbAQxSCAsMEm&index=7

Winning 3☆ Team with Fiber[]

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Winning 3☆ Team with Serial[]

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