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"Kiyoshi is completely concerned with her own ends, sees all the factions left behind in the wake of The Split simply as a means to an end. In service to things much older than Teraventa, and intends to see them return to this new world."


Kiyoshi is a slightly modified version of Halo. She pairs well with Halo, as well as other Heroes such as Marianas and Krieger, due to the fact that their skills can procure together, massively increasing the damage dealt. Such a build however can be countered by a team using Silencing abilities.


B Chaos Barrier Kiyoshi-Bronze.png Active Creates a shield of chaotic energy, absorbing damage for 10 seconds. When the shield expires, before it can be destroyed, all allied Heroes recover Health equal to the remaining Health of her shield.
S Tear the Veil Kiyoshi-Silver.png Active Blasts the targeted enemy, deals Icon ElementEnergy.png Damage to the primary target, with a 75% chance to bounce and deal less Icon ElementEnergy.png Damage to up to 4 nearby enemies.
G Diffusion Ritual Kiyoshi-Gold.png Passive The first time an allied Hero falls below 50% Health all other allied Heroes recover Health per second for 10 seconds.

[Diffusion Ritual] can only trigger once per allied Hero. If an allied Hero is killed, all other allied Heroes regain the use of [Diffusion Ritual].

P Chaos Reigns Kiyoshi-Platinum.png Passive Whenever an enemy is damaged by an Ability there is a 40% chance they will take additional Icon ElementEnergy.png Damage.
R Supported Ruby - Supported.png Passive A skilled Support Hero can't help their team if they're down for the count. This hero gains an Armor bonus and a 30% increased chance to dodge.


  • She is the first and currently the only Hero to use Magic as their weapon type.