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Welcome to the guide for District 2 extreme, here you will find the recommended teams to beat each of the 10 missions as well as key information you should know about the district. Each mission has a winning 3☆ team and a video guide that uses said team, these are not the only teams you can use but are recommended. This guide is continually updated as new teams are discovered and new key heroes are released.

Each mission has it's own isolated page for ease of use, simply scroll down and click on the mission number you are looking to beat. You will notice below there is a recommended team level for this district, this means you should upgrade the heroes used in the guide to minimum what is suggested here. Some missions can be beaten with weaker heroes but upgrading makes missions more passable without needing to waste a ton of energy. If you want to know what heroes are great for extreme then have a look at this page!

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Before you begin looking at the teams, I recommend you visit here for more information on what techniques and methods you will be using to pass some of these missions, you will see me make use of some of these techniques in the video guides so understanding why I sometimes wait or save skills is important.

If you manage to beat all of District 2 but don't 3* them all, don't worry too much as you can always come back later when you are stronger, if you are level 90 the first goal will be reaching level 95 by beating mission 3-2. Your focus should be on reaching 3-2 rather than 3* all missions in district 2.

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DISCLAIMER: Your heroes do not need to be upgraded as much as mine in some of the videos and screenshots, the more upgraded they are the better, to pass through this district you only need to have your heroes at the minimum recommended level.

Each mission in District 2 has been isolated to make this guide even easier to read. Each mission page has the same format:

  1. Mission Overview of rewards and enemies
  2. Things of note about this mission
  3. Winning 3☆ team screenshot and a written guide
  4. Video Guide using the winning 3☆ team
  5. Any alternative teams that also work in the same format

Simply click the mission in the table below to go to the corresponding page!

District 2

Things of note about District 2[]

Mission 2-3 is the hardest mission in this district and will likely block a lot of players from moving on, ensure your heroes are upgraded enough to complete it.

Every mission in District 2 has a daily win limit of 3.

Missions 2-1, 2-3, 2-5, 2-7, 2-9 and 2-10 all guarantee a single Ruby Core MK VII (7) fragment per win, daily you can earn 18 cores at the cost of 360 energy and 36 Quick Win tickets.

Mission 2-5 and 2-10 has Ruby Grenades and Ruby Throwing Stars which are needed to upgrade every hero to Ruby, 14 are needed per hero.

Full District Video Guide By KOLGAN[]

External Link: https://youtu.be/KVybSrk39S8