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This is a guide intended for players who are looking to start completing the extreme missions. It is periodically updated when I find new teams or tactics. If you have something you want included on the guide or have a question feel free to free to ask on the community discord server, if you are looking to contact me specifically then find me on Discord: Ghastly#7800

This wiki works by a series of interconnected pages, when you see a sentence with blue text, it means there is a hyperlink attached to the sentence, these are used to link together pages with relevant information. However if you see a hero name like Serial or Kurtz then it will lead to their hero pages, some pages have links that send you to another section of the same page, however depending on how your web browser is set up this pay open a new tab or window. If the blue text confuses you then I always include an actual link at the end of each section, for the links in text here see the bottom of the page.

Before you click on any of the below links, make sure you are ready to think about extreme and are ready to think about rubying your heroes. If you are unsure what to do and want somewhere to start then this page is your best bet. Over there I explain how to reach level 95 faster and what gear you need when you finally get there. I also cover some of the more important heroes and why they should be your first ruby heroes, even if they are not your ideal picks.

If you are a seasoned player and have the right heroes upgraded and want to grind to level 95 or 100, then you will want to know how extreme works and how you need to play to win. As the extreme campaign uses heroes significantly stronger than yours, you need to know how to cheat the system enough so it works in your favour. Read Extreme Campaign Techniques and Methods before you take a look at the guides below. You may find the information here vital if you want to 3* every mission.


In order to go to the district you want a guide for, click the image with the district number on. Each district has 10 missions and each of these missions has a specific page with a winning team, a video and a written guide.

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